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Madison Metropolitan School District

Work Based Learning

Experiential Learning at Capital High includes Work Based learning opportunities. These experiences follow a continuum of opportunities focusing on Awareness, Exploration, Preparation, and Training, in order to provide varying levels of engagement in career exploration.

Awareness activities help students build awareness of available careers and the post-secondary education required for those careers. Our close partnership with Madison College allows our juniors and seniors to explore their programs of study and their requirements, including multiple opportunities to take the Accuplacer placement exam. Other awareness activities include:

  • Guest Speakers

  • Company tours

  • Post-secondary tours

Exploration activities help students experience careers in a way that increases their motivation for learning and informs their decisions about careers and educational options. At Capital High, through job shadow experiences in local organizations and informational interviews with professionals, we can connect students to career goals. At Experience Madison College days our juniors and seniors get an up-close look at their program of choice.

Career preparation experiences support higher-level college and career readiness outcomes for students. At Capital High, we work with students individually to prepare them on their pathway to success. These experiences include:

  • Resume development

  • Mock interviews

  • Portfolio presentation (ACP)

  • Service learning

  • Employability Skills

  • Youth leadership skills (volunteer)

  • Dual-credit coursework

Training experiences prepare students for employment in a specific range of occupations. These experiences may lead to industry certifications and post-secondary training opportunities. At Capital High, students are encouraged to complete a training experience during their senior year. Experiences completed by Capital High seniors include:

  • On-the-job training

  • Work experience

  • Internship

  • Youth apprenticeship

We are using the Inspire Madison Region work based learning framework.