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Madison Metropolitan School District



Students who qualify may be eligible to receive a district-issued Metro Bus Pass to get to and from school.

Students may qualify if they:

  • Request a bus pass and guardian provide permission to review necessary data,

  • Live more than one and one-half mile from their school site,

  • Have demonstrated financial need, such as qualifying for free or reduced lunch.

Initial Bus Pass

  • Most bus passes are issued at student enrollment. There will be a station where you may request a district-issued bus pass.

  • During the school year, please ask your Advisory teacher to submit a request for a bus pass. We will then assess a student’s qualification to receive a bus pass and if the student does qualify will provide the Advisory teacher with a bus pass designated for the student.

Replacement Bus Passes

  • If you have already received a district-issued bus pass and have lost it, please inform Office staff right away.

  • You will need to pay $10 for the replacement bus pass. If you have not able to pay, $10 will be added to your student fees in IC. 

For More Information

  • Our School Social Workers are the main contact for determination about bus pass qualification.

We do not sell Metro passes or tickets. Please order online or visit a Metro outlet.