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East High School Senior at Graduation

Graduate Spotlight

Kazaray Shanklin

Between now and graduation, we're spotlighting and celebrating our graduating class! Join us in celebrating Kazaray Shanklin!

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Sarah Hershberger

I am proud of the the consistency in my grades and athletic achievements in high school the many changes and surprises I have faced.

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Mikayla Reyes

Advice to incoming Shabazz freshmen?

Your freshman year is going to seem hard and scary at first, but trust me, that feeling doesn't last long. When you are having a hard time and something feels like it's not going right, trust me, in a month that's not going matter anymore. You can't change what already happened. Instead learn from that experience and remember that for next time. I don't remember all the silly little fights I've had with my friends from my freshman year.

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Lydia Gold

What’s something special about your high school experience?

I have participated in nearly every area of fine and applied arts at La Follette and I am really proud of the teachers we have and the work I created in drawing, ceramics, orchestra and metal arts. These classes were a wonderful balance to my core subject coursework.

What’s next in your journey?

I will be attending Rhodes College in Memphis, TN.  I’ll be playing my cello and studying psychology.

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Anijah Williams

What’s next after graduation?


What are most proud of?

Stepping out of my comfort zone and playing softball.

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Djuan Davis

Next stop on your journey?

I plan on attending college at Madison College for 2 years and then transferring to St. Petersburg College in Florida to study in liberal arts for a degree in business and management.

What are you proud of?

I am proud the journey that I took to reach a level of maturity. My GPA and academics have dramatically increased after coming from the virtual school year to now.

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Massimo Malterer

Is there a staff member who inspired or influenced your journey?
Coach Miota and coach Chris helped me in basketball and made sure I was always on track with my school work as well.

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Christopher Covarrubias

I would totally say my counselor, Lisa Lehman. All throughout high school, whenever I had a question about anything school-related, she would make sure to go out of her way to answer it and give me her thoughts on whatever it was.

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Dylan Rogers

What advice do you have for incoming Shabazz students?

It’s okay to be sad, but you don’t need to be sad to be interesting. It’s okay to let yourself be helped.

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Isabella Yang

What I am most proud of is running Asian Club for three years. To give Asian students a safe space. For them to enjoy themselves and connect with others who experience the same thing as them.

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Maya Dettwiler

Advice to incoming freshmen?
Enjoy high school! Make new friends and have a fun time. There’s a lot more freedom.

What are you proud of?
Becoming a strong advocate for my community during these past couple of years.

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Stephanie Moya Cruz

"Never be scared to ask for help. Everyone cares for you and wants you to become as successful as you see yourself. Lastly, have fun with what you do in high school, the 4 years are going to fly by, and when you realize it you are going to be walking the stage."

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Previous Ceremonies

2022 Ceremonies

Graduation caps with East High School logo

East High School

June 10, 5pm at the Kohl Center

School Page

Graduation Cap with La Follette High School Logo

La Follette High School

June 10, 7:30pm at the Kohl Center

School Page

Graduation Caps with Memorial High School Logo

Memorial High School

June 11, 10am at the Kohl Center

School Page

Graduation Caps with West High School Logo

West High School

June 11, 1pm at the Kohl Center

School Page

Graduation Caps and Shabaxx High School Logo

Shabazz City High School

June 7, 4:30pm at the Monona Terrace

School Page

Graduation caps Capital High Logo

Capital High School

June 7, 6:30pm at the Monona Terrace

School Page

Additional Graduation Ceremonies:

  • ECSA- May 17th at MATC
  • Horizon - May 26th 11 am at Horizon 659 N. Whitney Way, Madison
  • Foundations - June 3rd at 6:00 pm at the Urban League 
  • Project SEARCH - August 12th 3 pm at UW Hospital room G-5/119