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Madison Metropolitan School District

Experiential Learning

Capital High is committed to engaging students in a wide variety of exploratory experiential opportunities throughout  their high school career. These experiences not only build community and engagement in our school culture, but also give our students shared lived experiences to help them better articulate their college and career interests, and equally important to determine which experiences are not of interest.

Capital High staff select and design specific experiences throughout the year that students are interested in and that align with our core curricular benchmarks, including academic competencies, the Academic and Career Plan (ACP), and Social and Emotional Learning Standards (SEL)

Capital High’s facilitation and delivery of experiential opportunities are routed in the theories of the Stages of Group Development, Community Building Model and Experiential Learning Cycle; however, our primary goal is to offer students a rich variety of academic and life experiences in order to foster an engaged and passionate student population.

Below is a list of experiences students have participated in previously: