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Madison Metropolitan School District

Yondr Implementation

Capital High will be implementing a system called “Yondr” this year to improve teaching and learning by making our class periods phone-free zones.

We understand that cellphones have great utility, but cellphone use has increasingly become a source of distraction, anti-social behavior, and conflict both at home and at school. The 2017-2018 behavioral data showed us that cell phones were taking away student learning time and damaged both peer relationships and student/staff relationships.

"According to a survey and report from Common Sense Media that involved 1,240 interviews with parents and their 12- to 18-year-old children, 50 percent of teens feel addicted to their mobile devices, and 59 percent of their parents agree that their kids have a problem putting their devices down."
- US News & World Report, 2016

Additionally, more and more studies are showing the ways cell phones interfere with a student’s academic success. Just this year (2017), the University of Texas at Austin concluded that “the mere presence of cellphones reduces available cognitive capacity.”

The way Yondr works is simple.  When students arrive at their first class, they will place their phones in an assigned Yondr cell phone pouch.  The pouch locks and the student keeps their pouch with them (this process is pictured on the next page.). Students maintain possession of their cell phones (in their locked pouch) throughout the day and will have scheduled technology breaks where they can access their phone every 45 minutes and during their 30 minute lunch period.

In an effort to best serve your child, we are asking for your support in the adoption of Yondr to assist our students in developing the abilities to consciously disconnect from their cell phones for extended periods in the service of enhancing and maximizing their learning, growth and life experiences.  Yondr is already used by hundreds of middle and high schools, corporations and artists across the world to improve focus, production and the overall human experience of its users.

We know that this will be a big change for students and their families, and some students may need help adjusting. If your family needs help adjusting to this practice, please contact us and we will work together to come up with solutions.

We want to assure families that you can reach your student as you have in the past, by calling:

Capital High Eastside - 608-204-4220

Capital High Westside - 608-206-6698

We will be sending additional details about our updated phone policy near the start of the school year and will be happy to address any questions or concerns you have at the time of registration.  

Thank you for supporting our school and our students as we go forward with this change.


Capital High Culture and Climate Team

About Yondr

Yondr Case Front

1. Yondr Pouches

As students enter the classroom, their phones will be placed in a personally assigned Yondr pouch and locked.

Yondr Case Back

2. School Day

Students maintain possession of their locked phones throughout the school day and are now free to learn without distraction...

Yondr Case in Use

3. Unlock

Students will unlock their phones as they exit the building at the end of the day and will have access to their devices to coordinate transportation.