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Madison Metropolitan School District

Enrollment FAQ

Information is for the 2019-2020 School Year.

*If you are interested in applying to Capital High - please see our Admission page.

Who Needs to Enroll?

  • All returning students to the Madison School District must enroll at a school. For students accepted to Capital High you can enroll with us at one of two sessions.

When and Where is Enrollment?

We have two dates scheduled. All students, regardless of the program, must register at either time

Can I Do Anything Ahead?

  • Yes! After August 1, all families can complete the online registration and enrollment. At the end you may be provided a printout that you can bring to the school and you will not need to do this at the school. 

  • You may also have siblings at other Madison schools. Families can make changes and will receive a printout for that enrollment which can be brought to our schools and presented without additional Enrollment Questions.

Can I Pay my Fees Online?

I Don’t Remember My Password

  • If you don’t remember your online Infinite Campus (IC) password, there is a link to request the password.

How Do I Apply for Free/Reduced Lunch?

  • Please complete the necessary forms online.
  • Capital High is a CEP School. You will not need to complete the free/reduced lunch application for a student attending to receive breakfast and lunch. However, we can not waive student fees without a completed Free/Reduced Lunch application.

I Want To Change An Address

  • Because the school district is based upon where you live, the MMSD needs to verify where you live. Proof is an Alliant Energy or MGE Bill, a lease or a mortgage. We can not accept any other form, such as pieces of mail or ID cards.

  • If you moved out of the MMSD district boundaries you will need to complete the Alternative Open Enrollment Forms.

We Now Live With Another Family

I Want To Change A Name

  • School records are legal documents. If you have a name change - be it because of marriage, legal name changes or because the name is wrong in our system, we still need to see proof and documentation.

We Can’t Attend the Enrollment Session

  • These are the only two sessions scheduled. We are not able to create special sessions if you are not able to attend. This year we have tried to take additional efforts to inform all students of these enrollment dates so everyone can attend.

  • There may be delays if a student can not attend. If you are not able to attend, we encourage you to complete the online enrollment at and bring to school the first day of school. ID cards, bus pass and lunch passes will correspondingly be delayed.

Can I enroll at my School of Residence?

  • No. You are now enrolled at Capital High which means your school of residence no longer has primary school status and you will not appear on their school roster reports.

What To Bring

  • Student who is enrolling.

  • Guardian, unless bringing a signed MMSD Online Enrollment printout.

  • Cash/check for student fees.

  • Proof of change of address (MGE, Alliant Energy bill, lease or mortgage).

  • Proof of change of name.

What To Expect

  • We follow the standard MMSD enrollment procedures.

  • We will have computers for families complete the required online enrollment process.

  • You will be expected to pay the standard MMSD fees (textbooks, consumable materials, and activity fee) or request a fee waiver.

  • Students will take an ID photo and receive an ID card.

  • Students can complete a Bus Pass Request.

  • Students can apply for Free/Reduced Lunch.

  • Students may be able to meet and talk with teachers, support staff, and the School Principal.

  • Over 300 students will need to register at these sessions. Please plan to spend at least an hour.

What Supplies Does My Student Need?

  • We do not have a specific supply list. We will provide as many tools as necessary for a student to fully participate and engage in learning at Capital High.

My Child/I am Over 20

  • Students over the age of 20 need permission from the Board of Education to enroll in the Madison Metropolitan School District. 
  • To be considered for enrollment, please complete the MMSD Enrollment After Age 20 Form.
  • The form must be submitted to the School Principal and if approved will be forwarded to the Chief of Schools, Secondary Education before being submitted to the Board of Education. It can take up to two months for the BOE to approve a request.
  • Once the Board of Education approves then the student can be enrolled.