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Madison Metropolitan School District


Are you on the Capital High Way?

Simply put, advisory is the heart of what we do at Capital High, a space where all students are valued, appreciated and needed. We are committed to creating an intersectional environment where all our students thrive, with special attention to the influence and leadership of our students, staff and families of color. Recognizing and uplifting the brilliance and beauty of our diverse student body is at the center of anti-racist teaching.  This is at the center of advisory.

Capital High is dedicated to developing personalized learning opportunities that are aligned to individual student’s interests and passions.  Advisories are the core organizational structure for personalized learning and the way in which all students are supported on their pathways to graduation and post-secondary options. In advisory, students develop an individual learning plan to set academic as well as social/emotional goals.  Through periodic check-ins with their advisor, student-led conferences, and portfolio defenses, students have multiple opportunities to nurture their curiosities, plan their learning experiences, take risks, and reflect on their progress.