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Admissions FAQ

Am I eligible to attend Capital High?

  • All students who attend a Madison High School can attend Capital High. Students who live outside of the MMSD boundaries can pursue Open Enrollment or pay MMSD tuition. To be referred to Capital High, you must first have a MMSD school sponsor a referral to our school.

Do I have to pay to go to Capital High?

  • Students of the Madison Metropolitan School District do not have to pay to attend Capital High. We follow the same MMSD procedures for enrollment and fees.

How do I get to school?

  • Both sites are conveniently located near Metro bus service. We do not have dedicated school buses, but students who qualify can receive district-issued Metro bus passes.

How many students are at Capital High?

  • Each campus has an enrollment of ninety students.

  • All of our primary classes have a staff to student ratio of 1 to 15.

Do I get to choose my own classes?

  • At Capital High, we prioritize student learning through their identified interests. Upon enrollment, students are placed in a grade-level Advisory class and generally take classes with these students throughout the day. Within our classes, our curriculum is highly customized to the student's interests and goals. Our courses support students to develop skills in academic areas, as well as personal growth areas, and to prepare for post-secondary life. Capital High also offers Madison College Dual Credit courses which allow students to earn college credits prior to graduation.

Are there clubs or after school activities available?

  • Capital High offers activities during the school day to promote student interests in leadership. We offer clubs on select Wednesdays for additional enrichment.

Can I participate in club, sports or after school activities at my school of residence?

  • We encourage students to follow their passions. If there is an opportunity for students, we will assist you to connect to activities at your school of residence. Unless otherwise approved, these activities need to be outside the Capital High school day from 9:00am - 2:00pm. When you enroll at Capital High, you will continue to be enrolled at your school of residence, which will also allow you to have the opportunity to participate in school community events such as dances, homecoming, and Prom.

What school is listed on my diploma?

  • Graduates will receive a certificate of completion from Capital High and will receive a Madison Metropolitan School District Diploma from their school of residence.

Will I be able to participate in my school of residence graduation ceremony?

  • Yes. Our school counselor will work with you and your teachers to make sure that you have all the necessary information about graduation. We will also have a Capital High graduation ceremony that you can invite your friends and family.

Which site am I applying to?

  • Students who live in the East and La Follette zone will attend the Eastside site, for students who live in the West and Memorial zones, you will attend the Westside site.

Can I attend the site not corresponding to my school of residence?

  • No.

  • Our school principal can make exceptions for extraordinary situations.

How many students will you accept?

  • Enrollment is available at all grade levels based upon the number of seats available.

  • Each site serves 90 students, this will include returning students. Enrollment is based on available seats.

When can I apply to Capital High?

  • We interview and accept students in the spring for fall enrollment. Depending on enrollment, we may offer enrollment for second semester.

How do I start the application process?

  • Review your interest with your current school’s support staff, generally Counselor or Social Worker. We do not accept direct referrals from families or students.

What is an interview like?

  • Interviews are an opportunity for students to share their interests, goals, and history. We use standardized questions and scoring rubric in order to ensure equitable practices.

What is the next step after my interview?

  • Capital High staff interview all students prior to making any decisions regarding admissions. Students are prioritized based on their interview outcomes.

  • Students and families will be informed by phone or email if you have been accepted or not. The home school referrer will also receive an email updating your admissions status.

  • Your school’s registrar will also receive an email if you are accepted.

If I don’t get accepted, what’s the next step?

  • We encourage you to remain engaged at your school of residence and to reapply during the next enrollment window. You may also speak to school staff who provide you with other alternatives that are available.

Do you accept and support students with disabilities?

  • Yes, as with all MMSD schools, we provide services for students' disabilities.

Do you accept and support ELL students?

  • Yes.