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Students who are interested in Capital High should talk to their counselor or School Social Worker about a referral. Your counselor and School Social Worker will review your goals, interests, and needs to help you determine if Capital High is a good option for you.

Interested students, families, and guardians are invited to an Open House prior to the interview. The Open House will provide an opportunity for students and families to learn more about a student’s pathway to graduation and post-secondary options.

Students who are referred and would like to pursue admission to Capital High will participate in an interview with Capital High staff. Candidates will be asked to share why Capital High is their preferred school choice, their strengths and challenges in school, and their goals and dreams for the future.

For more information, please review our Admission FAQ.

Information about the 2018-2019 Referral Process

2018-2019 Admissions Timeline

  • Referrals Open Friday, April 6
  • Open House Eastside Monday, April 23 3-6pm
  • Open House Westside Tuesday, April 24 3-6pm
  • Referrals Close Wednesday, May 9
  • Interviews for High School Tuesday, May 15 2:30-4pm at each Capital High site
  • Interviews for Middle School Wednesday, May 16 2:30-4pm at each Middle School
  • Interviews for High School Thursday, May 17 2:30-4pm at each Capital High site