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Madison Metropolitan School District


Capital High TinkerSpace

For a while now we've wondered what to put here to advance education and promote our equity vision. One day we stumbled upon an idea: make it a makerspace!  You may be aware that Madison has a larger makerspace called Sector67 or the Madison Public Library The Bubbler which we take inspiration from. Our TynkerSpace will promote learning through hands-on play and experimentation. There is no structured curriculum for students participating in the TinkerSpace, it's about exploration, collaboration, and creativity.

Starting with a secure rolling cart, iPads and some mobile seating we'll start the experimentation.

Tynker Cart
Product Description
Sphero Programmable ball
3D Printed Figure
3Doodler Handheld 3D filament printer
Arduino Starter Kit
Arduino Starter Kit  
ViewMaster VR

Google Cardboard


Virtual Reality glasses and software to explore new worlds. 
Froogz 5 Pieces with 6 different suction building shapes in multiple colors 
Bloxels Explore creativity and ingenuity by building your own block-based games.
MakeyMakey Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. 
iRig iRig Keys iPad compatible musical keyboard.
Mebo Mebo Robot Remote controlled robot.
Yarn Loom  Create scarfs, hats, socks and more with this loom and hook kit.
Bunchems Velco-like balls that you can build items.
Magna-Tiles Magnetic building tiles.
Cricut Explore
Cricut Explore Circut is a precision cutter for multiple materials. Design your own concept and it'll bring it to real life.
Asus ZenFone 2 The electronic hub for many of these devices, control remotely objects as well as works with Google Cardboard VR.
Apple iPad Another electronic hub to control devices.
Little Bits
LittleBits Inspire students to learn more about robotics, automation, circuits and technology.
Google Kit
Google Expedition Kits

Using Google Expeditions and Virtual Reality (VR), students can explore new worlds, inside the human bodies, and historical events all in 360 degree control. 


Teachers are able to control what students see to add rich information such as historical or scientific information as exploration occurs.

Apple 27" iMac

A central hub to our digital learning initiative, the 27" iMacs provide a fundimental base for video, websites, music and digital media creation.


MeeperBOT is a versitle robotics toy designed to support learning on hands-on robotics.


Roli Blocks
Roli Blocks

Roli blocks help create music in a fun and engaging way.


Things We're Looking At...

Glowforge Laser Etcher Laser Ethcer designed for home/school use. Currently on Kickstarter.
MakeDo Construct objects out of cardboard. Tools such as saws, screwdrivers, and screws help unlock creativity from everyday cardboard.

Have an idea for great TinkerSpace items? Let us know!