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Madison Metropolitan School District

G3 Implementation

Tech Use Guidelines

Capital High has a strong technology engagement. All of our students have one-for-one access to HP Chromebooks for their classroom and instructional use.

Our classrooms each have a large TV, document cameras (which project images of three-dimensional objects to the TV), and a presentational cart that allows teachers and students to pull it all together.

In the 17-18 school year, Capital High will be part of the district’s G3 Ignite digital implementation plan. As part of this implementation, classrooms will receive a second large TV and all-new Chromebooks for student use. We will also have additional ways for students and staff to interact with the TVs for presentations and demonstrations.

We will also be engaging in long-distance classes through new “Virtual Learning Space”. VLS connect students and teachers across the district to provide curriculum opportunities otherwise not available. The VLS systems include a mobile television and video and audio so that students and teachers can meet “face to face” and share information. Depending on the course, Chromebooks or other teaching aids will also be used.

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